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About Me


Hi! I’m Sasha Danielle. I take photographs, eat pizza, and listen to way too much pop punk music. I'm pretty lame. I was born in the middle of nowhere, moved to a city suburb that no one’s heard of, and almost failed out of school at a young age. I learned decent stuff along the way though, and picked up photography in a high school dark room class. It was awesome.

A film course I took later in college landed me a part-time job at a local portrait studio. Besides cleaning up suspicious looking substances off the workspace floors and bathroom, the experience in photography was top notch and life changing. I learned a lot there. But since ditching that job for a real one, I now focus on concert and macro photography in my free-time. I haven’t won any awards nor have I submitted stuff for contests. I should try that.

I received my first camera at age 4. It was one of those bubble machine cameras that I don’t think really captured anything. After a ton of cheap digitals and a brownie that didn’t work, I purchased a manual SLR for the college course, then later got my hands on a Canon t5i, then a 5D Mark III. That’s what I use now.

When I’m not milling around Hoffman Estates during the day, I’m watching local pop punk and melodic hardcore bands, exploring the city, and obsessively tending to my Instagram accounts @___sashadanielle and @lemonworld7. I shoot for various publications. I also have a fiance, love gummy bears, and hope to make something of this website. I’m not too confident about it so far.

Please write to me!